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Still Waters

Kim Schisler

Alpharetta, GA 

(678) 575-5872

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Still Waters Dressage

last updated: 8/26/2012 6:01:49 PM

Located in Alpharetta, Georgia, Still Waters Dressage, LLC specializes in the training and instruction of dressage horses and riders at all levels. We are also among Georgia's premiere sources for dressage and event horses.

Dressage (a French term meaning "training") is a path and destination of competitive horse training, with competitions held at all levels from amateur to the Olympics. Its fundamental purpose is to develop, through standardized progressive training methods, a horse's natural athletic ability and willingness to perform, thereby maximizing its potential as a riding horse.


Wherever you are in Georgia, Contact Still Waters Dressage head trainer and USDF Gold Medalist, Kim Schisler, to design an individualized training program to meet your needs and those of your horse. Through classical dressage training methods, we look forward to helping you reach your goals and achieve your dreams!


"...He leadeth me beside still waters..."       Psalm 23   

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